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20 things to do during Summer.

20 Things to do during Summer - Elizabeth Anne
As lazy Summer days turn to beautiful balmy evenings, Summer is the time for enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Here is a list of inspiring ideas to do on a sunny day.

1. Visit the coast.

There's nothing quite like the scent of fresh sea air, the cries of seagulls and sand between your toes. Plan a trip to the coast and saviour the delights of fresh seafood, the creamiest ice cream and breathtakingly beautiful views.

2. Add summer colours to your makeup.

Corals, fuchsia pinks and golden bronze are colours that add instant summer vibes to your makeup. From blushers to lipsticks, you can go bold with a bright lip colour or keep things subtle with a light coral flush to the cheeks.

3. Create a summer playlist.

Keep all your feel-good summer songs on a playlist that you can listen to or try Spotify for a whole host of playlists you can listen to.

4. Enjoy a homemade cocktail.

Make a homemade cocktail and pour into a fancy glass to enjoy. However, with the rise of non-alcoholic drinks, why not try a non-alcoholic cocktail (or mocktail as they are known) or enjoy a pressé. Belvoir has a lovely range to choose from.

5. Read a book.

Relax and unwind with a good book. 

6. Go on a walk.

Enjoy life's simple pleasures and take a walk in the beautiful great outdoors. Not sure where to go? Walking Britain is a fantastic resource of walks with over 18,000 pages of information such as local villages, pubs and churches to visit while walking.

7. Take a photograph.

Keep memories of your summer holidays preserved by taking photos. Whether on your phone or on a camera, you can print them out to keep or visit Sticky9 where you can turn your photos into fridge magnets, tablet covers or laptop stickers and a whole range of other items.

8. Watch a beautiful sunset.

Find a peaceful area to watch the sunset (or even in your garden) and keep cosy with blankets and a flask full of tea or hot chocolate.

9. Enjoy eating al fresco.

Celebrate summer by enjoying delicious wholesome food outdoors. Either at a picnic table or laid on a soft blanket; immerse yourself in nature and wildlife.

10. Make ice-lollies using fresh fruit.

Create healthy fruit-filled ice-lollies to enjoy on a hot summer's day. Simply blend your chosen fruit and pour into a ice lolly mould, leave to set and enjoy!

11. Visit a fairground.

Relish in traditional fairgrounds and country fairs. From ferris wheels to merry-go-rounds, there is something for everyone.

12. Go for a wild swim.

Make a splash during these long summer days and head outdoors for a wild swim! Glide, paddle or splash in a swim-friendly country river, lake or the sea. Here is a small list where you can go wild swimming:

Little Ouse, Suffolk.
River Beaulieu, Hampshire.
Mermaid's Pool, Derbyshire.

13. Create a summer holiday scrapbook.

Keep your summer mementos inside a pretty scrapbook such as photographs, tickets or add some pressed flowers. I love the La De Dah series as the scrapbook comes with a pen, glue, a pocket to store items and the pages are beautifully illustrated.

14. Go camping.

Connect with the great outdoors and nature. Cool Camping is a wonderful resource for finding the perfect campsite, from gypsy caravans and Shepard's huts to treehouses and wigwams. Simply refine your search by choosing facilities available, type of camping and area in the UK to find the perfect retreat.

15. Stargaze.

Turn your gaze towards the heavens and watch the stars twinkle against the nights sky.

16. Enjoy a picnic.

Pack savoury and sweet tempting treats to relish on a summer's day. Need some ideas? Check my 'how to host the perfect picnic' post here.

17. Head to a country cinema.

Independent cinemas are thriving in country villages and towns. As a backlash against the proliferation of multiplexes, picture houses, usually privately owned are for watching great cinema in unique spaces. From converted barns and abandoned churches to Victorian railway stations and old libraries. Here is a small list:

Lyton cinema, Devon.
Kino Rye, Sussex.
The Station cinema, North Yorkshire.
Screen in the Barn, Suffolk.

18. Visit a farm.

Enjoy the delights of a working farm and livestock. Not just a great day out for families, farms allow you to meet the animals, watch demonstrations and even bottle feed some of the animals. Here is a list of some wonderful farms to visit:

Cotswold Farm Park, Gloucester.
Matlock Farm Park, Derbyshire.
Melsop Farm Park, Norfolk.

19. Take a stroll in a walled garden.

Both practical and pretty, these historical retreats help delicate plants and flowers thrive and provide a wonderful sensory experience. Here is a list of some pretty walled gardens to visit:

The Shugborough Estate, Staffordshire.
Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk.

20. Complete a craft project.

Relax and unwind by completing a craft project. There are lots of crafts from sewing and mosaics to candle-making and scrapbooking. Find more ideas on my DIY tutorials page or Crafts and Projects Pinboard.

I hope you found this post inspiring. What have you got planned for the summer? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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