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DIY | Create a butterfly garden.

Create a Butterfly Garden - Elizabeth Anne
National Insect Week (20th - 26th June 2016) encourages you to learn more about insects. I can remember my childhood days filled with making mud pies, watching butterflies flutter from flower to flower and the gentle hum of bumblebees. In a world that's ever changing and fast-pace, let's just take a step back and appreciate our wildlife. So to celebrate National Insect Week, I shall be showing you how to create a haven for butterflies in your garden. Apart from their beautiful, not to mention colourful appearance, a recent study by DEFA showed a 61% decline in butterflies since 1976. Such a shame. So let's encourage our colourful friend back into our gardens with these simple steps.

Do your Research

Find out what flowers are most commonly found in your area, including what flowers butterflies like most.
RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) has a handy leaflet of all the types of flowers butterflies love, which you can read here.

Provide Shelter

Pile up logs or loose bark.
Leave a patch of stinging nettles for butterflies to lay their eggs (make sure these are out of children's' reach).
Lay flat stones so butterflies can bask in the sunshine.
Leave an area for butterflies to drink water, also known as 'puddling.'

Avoid pesticides

Use natural alternatives instead.

Read more about encouraging butterflies into your garden here.


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